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Special Effects are no longer “special” if they are over-used and if not placed in some kind of context. (I could easily say that Avatar had too much CG, but everything was in context. There was a reason for every special effect - nice waterfalls to capture the beauty of Pandora, glowing nightlife to convey the planet’s uniqueness, heavy man-made transformers-like machinery gradually invading Pandora’s forest to capture man’s influence on it’s natural surroundings, all of these being a crucial component of the story).

An user comment about Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon on IMDb.

I felt desensitized after all the explosions, giant robot fights and military stuff, it was so tiring, I sank in a melancholy for a few minutes after the credits rolled.

I missed only a few things: consistency, substance, weight, characters, plot…

God! Alan Tudyk was the only redeeming feature, and even he had some silly scenes…

A taste of the same art, this time from UMK3.

Man, this is brilliant.

Did anyone actually test MK3 before release?