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A few points about Transformers 3
  • Making mankind rebuild your home planet… What kind of plan is th… Did you think about the logistics of that???!? People require food, oxygen, living quarters, facilities, medical care, transportation, and this is just from the top of my head! Multiply that by 6 billion, and your plan to enlsave humanity falls flat on it’s miserable face.
  • Teleporting Cybertron near Earth… Congratulations! You have destroyed both planets with one idiotic move!!! It’s justl… grah, this is soo ridiculous!
  • A note for Michael Bay: explosions and fight scenes don’t make a movie. Tilting a skyscraper and endangering the lives of stuntmen is not approved, even for a good movie, let alone for this…
  • The VFX and the art direction was somewhat OK, but the movie was so meaningless, so inconsistent and so boring, that from all the explosions I was desensitized and my brain felt numb after the credits roll, I was unable to think coherently.
  • The finale of the movie is too long: there are fight scenes after fight scenes involving characters we don’t care about at all, and since the last 50-60 minutes of the movie take place in downtown Chigago and basically a fiesta of detonations, shouting and robots running around for absolutely no reason, the sensory overload after 20-30 minutes becomes tiresome and annoying. Contrast: Avatar had a long finale, which had marvellous VFX and many fight scenes, but all these fights were in context, made sense in the plot and there was a comprehensible reason for every move, every shout, every cut.
  • … and of course, my previous message for Michael Bay applies here too: the transformation sequences are even harder to follow than in the previous 2 movies, if that’s possible…

Verdict: 4/10, but only because the fight scenes themselves were spectacular. If you watch them in 5-10 minute sequences out of context, they are quite entertaining. But don’t try to add a paper-thin “plot” and sell it like a regular movie, because you’ll get… Transformers 3. Which is not good.

Special Effects are no longer “special” if they are over-used and if not placed in some kind of context. (I could easily say that Avatar had too much CG, but everything was in context. There was a reason for every special effect - nice waterfalls to capture the beauty of Pandora, glowing nightlife to convey the planet’s uniqueness, heavy man-made transformers-like machinery gradually invading Pandora’s forest to capture man’s influence on it’s natural surroundings, all of these being a crucial component of the story).

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I felt desensitized after all the explosions, giant robot fights and military stuff, it was so tiring, I sank in a melancholy for a few minutes after the credits rolled.

I missed only a few things: consistency, substance, weight, characters, plot…

God! Alan Tudyk was the only redeeming feature, and even he had some silly scenes…