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Hook review (NES)

This game looks like it was designed (and I’m actually extremely generous here, using this word at all…) using in MSPaint. The review is so hilarious, I couldn’t stop laughing.

"Who the #&@&# bounces off water???" - LOL

"The story is just so stupid, we’re gonna cover it up with a flying fairy-thing" - Oh, my god, WTF is that, it looks ridiculous! You know a game can’t be good when you’re having problems just trying to read the story, for crying out loud…

"WTF can that possibly be??? It’s a panda ghost… with a hat that looks like a moose’s antlers… Just what the @#!&?" - LMAO!!!

"How could they not notice that??? Oh, I’m sure they have noticed it, but they just went: @&#! it, let’s just release it like this!"

OMG, this game is sooo horrible, it’s just beyond words! You have to see this video for yourself…