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With the rise of the graphics processor and 3-D graphics, PC games became an arms race to make the most technologically impressive, most accurate depiction of reality, and shoehorn a game into it. Memory banks became large enough for massive, wide-open levels, and so free-roaming gameplay was born. GPUs became capable of colored lighting, and, for a while, games had floating crystals that emitted light everywhere. Then developers were able to make things shine and glisten in light, but instead of keeping this to wet floors and gooey blob monsters, it was put on everything, even human beings, which made them look like sweaty plastic action figures. The technology was there and it needed to be used. To look back on a lot of these games is embarrassing, now that “realistic” has been redefined seven times since.

Source: Half Life 2 review on Action Button Dot Net

There is a difference between using technology to develop a game and using a game to develop a technology. But back in the day, there were some companies who despite using new technology, focused on gameplay.

My favorite example is Unreal Tournament, my favorite game ever. It had advanced 3D models, an awesome engine, great physics, dynamic lighting - you name it. But what do I remember the most about that game? FUN. With capitals.

Half Life 2 is also a great example to make this point: it had many innovations, like ragdoll physics and whatnot, but they were all utilized to maximize the immersion and make the gameplay better. Exhibit A: Gravity Gun. One of the greatest ideas ever in video game history. In my book, it is tied with the translocator (from UT of course) as the best FPS-weapon ever.

Valve focused on the gameplay and the experience. Others fccused on floating crystals. Guess which games are still remembered today?

Programming is the art of figuring out what you want so precisely that even a machine can do it.

Some guy who isn’t famous.

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"Serenity" was definitely an enjoyable film for the most part, but it was the "big damned action film" rather than the slow-burning stew of the series, where the stories were allowed to take their time and the relationships were allowed to simmer. Unfortunately, I just don’t think audiences have the attention span for that sort of thing anymore, which makes me miss the show even more, since we probably won’t see anything like it again.

That last part is especially hard to stomach. I’ve been realizing more and more over the years that I’m just not the target demographic for any of the entertainment industries now, if I ever was. When everything you love gets canceled and everything you hate gets renewed (whether we’re talking drama, comedy, whatever), it can make you feel like you’re alone in a crowd after awhile. I pretty much just watch tv made for “other people” these days, but I felt like Firefly was made especially for me.

IMDb message board quote from jenuviel.

I often feel the same way, however another favorite of mine, House is renewed constantly, so the situation is not that bad, but still… Losing Firefly is devastating, even after 9 years.

It makes no sense, it’s ridiculous. There’s a thunder god, there’s a green “Id” giant rage monster, there’s Captain America from the ‘40s, there’s Tony Stark who definitely doesn’t get along with anybody. Ultimately these people don’t belong together and the whole movie is about finding yourself from community. And finding that you not only belong together but you need each other, very much. Obviously this will be expressed through punching but it will be the heart of the film.

Joss Whedon about The Avengers.

I never would have thought that there ever will be a comic book movie I will wait this eagerly. JW will bring us a masterpiece, no doubt about that!

Scout gets a banana.
Heavy gets a 16 ton weight.
Demoman gets black knights sword
Soldier gets a Norwegian phrase book
Medic gets a hovercraft full of eels
Engineer gets the Spanish inquisition
Pyro gets an arguement
Sniper gets the funniest joke in the world.
And the spy?
He gets something completely different.

Mixing TF2 and MPFC is always a good thing, but…

… that phrasebook is HUNGARIAN, for God’s sake!!!

Otherwise good.

I’m interested in how we even come to understand and use language in the first place.

Isn’t it kind of a bootstrap operation?

Every word has to be defined with other words, which are often defined with the first word we are defining and so on. Go get a dictionary and check the words used to define a word and follow these around for a while and you will see what I mean.

An interesting thought about language on the JREF Forum.
In most horror movies there are scenes that take you out of the movie; things you just don’t believe or are flat-out ridiculous or cheesy. Not so in Alien; the movie’s immaculate reality is utterly untarnished…you believe it from beginning to end because the performances, pacing, sets and special effects all combine to create a believable atmosphere of growing terror.
A post by the user hafabee on the IMDb Alien Message Board. Such a brilliant thread, and we need to have a great horror classic again, like Alien. Soon!
I brought you some supper but if you’d prefer a lecture, I’ve a few very catchy ones prepped…sin and hellfire… one has lepers.

Shepherd Book (Firefly) (via cambrian21)

I’d listen to that leper one! :-)

The video repeats the refrain “it’s not just a copy, it’s a crime” so amny times it crowds out the actual consequences of the crime. It’s not enough to tell kids that something they do casually every day is a crime when it doesn’t feel like one.

Brilliant article on Retro Thing about the Don’t Copy that Floppy sequel.

I’m getting really tired of these ridiculous scare tactics… This is not the way to stop piracy, goddamnit!!!

This might sound a little melodramatic, but Windows 7 not having a browser in Europe, and non-Europeans having to specifically “opt-in” to having a browser, is going to be studied in the future. I think it is one of the most significant things to happen this decade. We are now officially on a slippery slope.

First and foremost, how’s some family going to feel when they buy a computer and want to go onto the internet, but they’re going to have to pop down to the newsagents to buy a magazine with a DVD just to get a browser. You can’t download Firefox or Chrome if you don’t have Internet Explorer first to go find them. Those “Media Centre” stupid things that Dell hocks will be pretty useless without having a browser to begin with. How can you spend all that money on a new computer and not have a goddamned browser?

(Read the whole rant about this here)

This is sooooo ridiculous, I can’t find words!

But at the time of Terminator Salvation, apparently all the machines have figured out is how to pick people up and throw them against things, which is lucky for John Connor, who can just yelp in pain and then run off to hide over and over and over again.
Contains Spoilers Throughout’s review of Terminator Salvation: a post I’m about to reblog…
Rules are made for people who can’t think for themselves.


(Or if you’ve seen this somewhere already, let me know!)

So, even if Avatar is a failure in the box office, it’ll garner fandom over years when it’s released on HD, HD+, HD3D++, Limited Edition 4D, and so on.

nosferatu101 on the IMDb Avatar message board.

4D? LOL.