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Did anyone actually test MK3 before release?

What you will need to start a Video Review Show

On the TVTropes forum, I reacted to a question in a thread, so I will now preserve my thoughts in the form of this post. I really want to start filming and editing some reviews of SNES games, but I don’t have time for that… :-( Anyways, here are the requirements of such show and some tips.

- Good, quality mic. Cheap $5-$10 mics won’t give you quality sound which you will need if you care about production value.

- Fraps or something to record your own footage from games, if you plan to review games too.

- Video editing software - I recommend Sony Vegas as it’s intuitive and simple to use.

- If you don’t have something to record your voice externally and you plan to do it on the computer, you need to decide if you’re going to do the review (of a game) on-the-fly or would you rather record the game footage first and comment on it later. If you want to record even parts of your review on-the-fly (as you play), you’ll need as powerful computer too. Unless we are talking about games from the 8-bit or 16-bit era.

- And of course, for a video show, you’ll need a camera too. I recommend one that records on a HDD, connects to your comp via USB and records into a format that Sony Vegas can recognize directly, if you don’t want to lose much of your precious time converting pieces of footage you will edit out upon realizing you didn’t really needed it in the review in the first place… I myself use a JVC Everio GZ-MG 330, which is a great piece of technology, records in a quality what is enough for me (not HD, but pretty good in the SD department), and has 30GB space, which allows me to record more than enough. Oh, and another upside of having a camera is that it has a good enough mic to record your sound, so if you have one, you don’t need to buy a quality mic for your computer.

- A tip regarding the camera: It might be a good idea to have it running constantly, because this way you won’t miss any accidental but good bits you might improvise. And in the case of game reviews, you can record all of your running commentary with it, without killing your computer while recording the audio commentary while it records the game footage. And even if your computer is capable of this, it might still cause some sound issues. It’s always better to have two separate tracks - one is your commentary and other is the game footage, complete with sound. Later on in the editing software, you can do anything with them.

- Tip #2: you absolutely need to write a script first or at the very least an outline of the review. Write down everything you think and want to say about the movie/game/book/whatever you’re reviewing. It’s better to write a structured script because then you can do some test recordings where you can react freely on what’s going on, without the constant inkling in the back of your head which bugs you constantly not to miss telling X thing about it.

- And another tip: if you want to create an unique style, you need to have standards, and permanent points. For example: if you always examine the era and the context in which a given work came out, and talk about that at the beginning of your videos, in time, it becomes part of your style. Not to mention, that such things provide structure, which you will need if you don’t want your reviews sounding like you are all over the place. And it certainly helps you writing the scripts too!

- Most importantly you’ll need TIME. Lots of it. Even without additional video footage, you’ll need to edit a 10 minute video for at least 4-5 hours to make everything right - even if you’re not a perfectionist and just want to have an OK video up…

This guy is hilarious! I just picked one chapter randomly, but you should see the rest too, even if you haven’t read the book. He analyzes, makes jokes, re-enacts scenes, and points out how ridiculous the story actually is. This will be considered as a classic!

I really hope he will do New Moon or other books!

Hook review (NES)

This game looks like it was designed (and I’m actually extremely generous here, using this word at all…) using in MSPaint. The review is so hilarious, I couldn’t stop laughing.

"Who the #&@&# bounces off water???" - LOL

"The story is just so stupid, we’re gonna cover it up with a flying fairy-thing" - Oh, my god, WTF is that, it looks ridiculous! You know a game can’t be good when you’re having problems just trying to read the story, for crying out loud…

"WTF can that possibly be??? It’s a panda ghost… with a hat that looks like a moose’s antlers… Just what the @#!&?" - LMAO!!!

"How could they not notice that??? Oh, I’m sure they have noticed it, but they just went: @&#! it, let’s just release it like this!"

OMG, this game is sooo horrible, it’s just beyond words! You have to see this video for yourself…

Modjo - Chillin’

Back in 2001, it was one of my fave songs. The beat is outstanding, the music overall is inspiring and great, the video is just freakin’ cool, and the disco ball guy is THE MAN.


I don’t get the ThinkPad T400…

Recently, I got this fine T400 I’m currently typing on (I did not buy it, it’s a company laptop BTW), and played an episode of How I Met Your Mother with it, I noticed something. When I moved the laptop from my table and placed it on my bed to continue watching from there, the playback stuttered. I got a little nervous, because I thought this laptop is gonna die on me on the first day, this can’t be good. I held my breath as I watched the episode, but no further stuttering happened.

A bit later I moved the laptop again while it was playing another episode, and then I suddenly figured it out: it has drop-protection, so the HDD shuts off in the instand it senses that it’s freefalling (or close to that anyway).

OK, then… something’s still off. I just don’t get something about this…

Why does it have 2 GBs of memory again?!

I mean, seriously, this is ridiculous. The episode of HIMYM is some 180 MBs. Why does the playback suffer when the whole thing should be in the RAM in the first second it loads the episode?

I just don’t get this! Can someone answer me?

This kid knows what he’s saying. The most honest Avatar review I’ve seen so far, even though it’s clear that he’s reading for the whole time, and yet still believable. I can see that he’s still on Pandora.

Like myself.

My Equilibrium music video. It’s still up! Wonderful!!! :-)

The video repeats the refrain “it’s not just a copy, it’s a crime” so amny times it crowds out the actual consequences of the crime. It’s not enough to tell kids that something they do casually every day is a crime when it doesn’t feel like one.

Brilliant article on Retro Thing about the Don’t Copy that Floppy sequel.

I’m getting really tired of these ridiculous scare tactics… This is not the way to stop piracy, goddamnit!!!

New Order - 60 Miles an Hour (2001)

This tune makes me feel good! Every time I hear it!